Explore Serbia holidays and discover the best time and places to visit

Serbia is located in the heart of Balkan Peninsula in Eastern Europe and is the leading country in the region. Contrary to many opinions that have their roots 20 years ago, Serbia is considered to be one of the safest countries in Europe! Capital of the state, city Belgrade, was officially pronounced by World Tourist Organization in 2010 as the safest city in Europe. Serbia is rapidly growing as tourist destination having in mind that it can offer great history and culture, breathtaking untouched nature and amazing night life in the capital. Belgrade was pronounced to be the fastest growing tourist destination in Europe in 2013. “I have found the most beautiful place since antiquity” wrote Prince Stefan Lazarević when he established Belgrade as the Serbian capital over 600 years ago. Belgrade has since been a place where East and West meet in a wonderful collision of culture and beauty.” The ideal position of Belgrade, on the crossroad of the East and West, enables easy connections with any destination. The Serbian capital has access to the region and the whole of Europe thanks to its developed transport links. Numerous airlines, especially the expanding national carrier and its partners, link Belgrade with the whole world every day.