best of Belgrade
  • powerful sites in belgrade

    This tour shows you the best of Belgrade and includes a visit to important sights of downtown and wider city center. We will visit Saint Sava's Temple, the biggest orthodox Christian temple in the world, followed by a visit to museum of the most famous Serbian scientist and one of the biggest inventors in world history - Nikola Tesla. The next tale on the tour is one about winning sport results, we will visit Red Star football stadium, the European and world champion in 1992.

    The end of the tour shall tell you the story about Josip Broz Tito, leader of former Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement. Additionally, we will show you Tito's mausoleum named “House of Flowers”. We will visit Belgrade fortress where you will hear story of 2 millennium of Belgrade history on the fortress.

  • Tour pricing include next services
    sightseeing of downtown and Belgrade Fortress by walk
    2 hour sightseeing of wider centre of Belgrade from the car/minivan
    Saint Sava’s Temple included, visit to 2 museums ( Nikola Tesla Museum, Tito’s Museum), visit of Red Star stadium
    tour guide in English
    Tour pricing exclude next services
    Duration 1.5 hours