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Belgrade, MT Tara, MT Zlatibor, Uvac Gorge, MT Kopaonik, East Serbia, Iron Gate

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Day 1

Beograd - Mt Tara

Arrival to Belgrade. Head towards West Serbia for an introduction to the gorgeous alpine region. Visit Uzice, enjoy in a magnificent local delicacies in a local manor, discover the surreal beauty of Drina river, learn about the turbulent history in Višegrad, have the chance of meeting one of the most respected film directors of Europe while we enjoy in his projection at his very own Mecavnik Ethno Complex.

Day 2

Mt Tara – Mt Zlatibor – Mt Tara

Explore the magnificent mountains Tara and Zlatibor. Embark on a unique train ride on the slopes of Mt Tara, dive into the enchanting beauty of Stopića Cave, find your inner peace at the Gostilje Waterfalls; participate in a one-of-a-kind workshop at Sirogojno Open-air Museum. Ride the longest gondola of Europe, enjoy in highland specialties at the very top of Mt Tara.

Day 3

Mt Tara – Uvac Gorge – Novi Pazar – Mt Kopaonik

Dive into the Ottoman legacy as we visit cities of Sjenica and Novi Pazar. Learn about Serbian Medieval state in its very heart – Stari Ras. Glide on a magnificent boat tour through the meandric gorge of Uvac and meet it’s royal highness – the Griffon Vulture. Immerse yourself in an alpine spa on magnificent Mt Kopaonik.

Day 4

Mt Kopaonik – Resava County – Bela Reka

Explore Mt Kopaonik on a unique alpine safari tour. Find out about the centuries long history of wine making in Župa while we taste the authentic wine sorts. Discover the legacy of Medieval Serbian kingdom at the gates of Manasija monastery. Enjoy in magnificent specialties of Bela Reka Farmland.

Day 5

Bela Reka – Rajacke Pimnice – Kladovo

Explore the secrets and legends of East Serbia. Visit magnificent Krupaja springs for a breakfast in nature. Enjoy at the very East of Serbia as we learn about the ancient Roman vintners whos legacy keeps living through their successors at Rajačke Pimnice. Hear the stories about their descendants, Vlachs, as we take you to the enchanting surroundings of Vratna river. Conclude the evening at the very banks of Danube river for a splash of East Serbian delicacies.

Day 6

Kladovo – Iron Gate – Golubac – Viminacium – Belgrade

Dive deep into history on our day through the famous Iron Gate. Enjoy in breakfast at the courts of Fetislam fortress. Embark on a magnificent boat ride through the Iron Gate and see the Danube at its narrowest and widest flow. Visit the oldest found settlement in Europe and discover the secrets of Lepenski Vir culture.

Day 7

Belgrade – Kovacica – Belgrade

Explore one of the oldest cities in Europe through the eyes of the locals. Enjoy in the ride on Belgrade’s streets in the most iconic cars of Ex-Yugoslavia. Visit the oldest working, family-owned perfumerie in Belgrade. Discover the beauties of St Sava’s Temple. Continue to Kovačica and meet some of the greatest names in Naive Arts. Enjoy in a creative masterclass with Naive painters. Visit the workshop of world-famous violin builder, Mr Jan Nemček, for a splash of Banat symphony. Enjoy in magnificent delicacies like Belgraders do – on floating restaurants.

Day 8

Belgrade – Novi Sad – Belgrade

Explore fantastic wines of Srem county and dominating Mt Fruska Gora. Try some of the authentic sorts at Milanovic Winery. Visit the second largest city in Serbia, Novi Sad, and discover magnificent mixture of Central European and Balkan influences. Take a lunch break at Kovačević Winery on Mt Fruška Gora for a tasty Wine & Food pairing lunch. Conclude this tour with a glass of magnificent Bermet sweet wine in Sremski Karlovci. Transfer to Belgrade for final departure.


Today we will depart towards West Serbia. Following Milos Veliki highway, we will reach the meandric gorge of West Morava river, set between the mountains of Ovcar and Kablar. Take a coffee break at the bank of the river and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere before we continue our journey. Arrive at Uzice, central city of West Serbia. Visit the Museum of Uzice and discover the story behind the very first liberated teritory in WWII. „Republic of Uzice“ lasted for three months, and became the sign of resistance against the Nazis. Learn about the brave peasants who formed their squadrons in order to repel the occupying armies.

Enjoy in traditional West Serbian lunch in a magnificent surroundings of the authentic Serbian homestead. Made with love, according to the recipes of our ancestors, our lunch consists only of the local organic ingredients, grown and nurtured by family farms.

After the lunch we will visit Kadinjaca Memorial, dedicated to brave locals who fought one of the most vicious battles of WWII against the Nazi armies. Hear the legendary stories of their bravery and sacrifice taken for the cost of Serbian liberty.

Continue towards magnificent Mt. Tara and reach Mecavnik Resort. Erected by Serbian famous movie director, Mr Emir Kusturica, the complex consists of the authentic West Serbian houses which were carefully relocated to the resort. Check-in at the resort and take a short break before we continue towards Drina river.

Pass across the Drina river and arrive at Visegrad, a town that best describes the faith of Balkan people under the Ottoman rule. Visit famous Bridge over Drina river, a magnificent stone bridge built in 16th Century by one of the most powerful Ottoman Grand Veziers – Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. Born in nearby Serbian village as Bajica, Mehmed Pasha was taken away from his family as a part of the Ottoman policy of Devshirme. However, Mehmed Pasha never forgot his roots.

Hear about the extraordinary history and legends of the area and enjoy in magnificent surroundings as we take a stroll through the Andricgrad, a complex dedicated to Serbian famous novelist and Nobel prize winner – Ivo Andric. Enjoy in dinner at the banks of Drina river before we return to Mecavnik.

To conclude the day, enjoy in Emir Kusturica’s very own cinema – one of Europe’s top notch – in projection of one of Mr Kusturica’s movies.


Following the hefty breakfast, we will embark on a magnificent train ride. Stretching over the magnificent slopes of Mt Tara, Sargan Eight was one of the first railways in the Balkans. Completely forgotten after WWII, it was not until Mr Emir Kusturica rebuilt it and put it back in use.

Continue to Mt Zlatibor and visit one of the most beautiful caves of Europe – Stopica Cave. Its cave jewelry – magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and mineral tubs – make an enchanting atmosphere. Proceed to Sirogojno Open-air museum, dedicated to a unique legacy of West Serbian highlanders. While strolling through the village we will get to know the old way of life, and find out some of the secrets of famous Sirogojno wool. Meet some of the knitting masters and participate in fantastic workshop where you will learn about the tradition and crafts of making some of the best sweaters to be found. Our next stop will be the enchanting Gostilje waterfall complex. Hidden in a surreal scenery of West Serbian wildlife, Gostilje waterfalls breathes with tranquility and epic beauty.

Continue towards village of Ljubis and meet our hosts for the lunch. With over a century of tradition, Pecinar family is considered a keeper of the old tradition of hospitality. Enjoy in fabulous Zlatibor lunch, abundant with slow cooked and carefully prepared meals and you will find out why Serbian king Alexander I Karadjordjevic gave them a special permission to open their tavern.

Head back to Mt Zlatibor and take a magnificent ride on the longest cable car in the world. Stretching over 9 km over fabulous alpine plateaus of Mt Zlatibor, Gold Gondola will provide us with a unique opportunity to see the whole West Serbian region. To conclude the day, we will return to Mecavnik resort and, after a short break, we will proceed to dinner at the very top of Mt Tara. In the middle of Mt Tara National Park, on Zmajevac peak and scenic point, we will enjoy in sunset over the West Balkans with a glass of drink and a selection of premium dishes of West Serbia. Return to hotel for overnight.


Enjoy your breakfast and check-out from the hotel. Today we will proceed to the east, to the very craddle of Medieval Serbia. Our first stop will be at town of Sjenica, where we will visit one of the largest and most beautiful mosques of the West Balkans – Valide Sultan Mosque. Built in 19th century, this is the only imperial mosque in Serbia. Proceed to a fabulous Uvac Gorge for a touch of surreal atmosphere! As we ride the boat through the magnificent meanders of Uvac river, we will have the opportunity to meet our hosts gliding over our heads – Griffon vultures, one of the largest birds of prey in Europe. Visit one of the most beautiful scenic points of Europe, located at the very top of the gorge before we visit our „land“ hosts and enjoy in their treats: family owned manor with magnificent homemade organic products such as buckwheat pie, Sjenica cheese and Sjenica soujouk saussage.

Visit the city of Novi Pazar, the largest city in the county, and find out about the peculiar mixture of Medieval Christian and Ottoman Moslem influences. It is not often that one might see them one besides the other. See the XV century Isa Bey Fortress, charming Altun Alem Mosque – a XVI century masterpiece, visit the oldest church in Serbia dedicated to St Peter and Paul, and the masterpiece of early Serbian Medieval architecture – Sopocani monastery. Have a lunch with famous Novi Pazar specialties before we continue.

In the afternoon we will reach Mt Kopaonik and we will check-in at the „Gorski“ Hotel & Spa. Enjoy your free time in one of the most rewarded Spa centers before we enjoy in delicacies of fine dining restaurant „La Pista“.


After the breakfast we will explore the Silver Mountain on a thrilling quad ride. Explore magnificent nature of Kopaonik National Park as we discover Jelovarnik waterfall, Semetesko Lake, Eagle’s Nest scenic point... Proceed towards Zupa County, famous for its wine making tradition dating back to the Byzantine period. Enjoy in fabulous composition of wine and food in Minic Winery.

Head towards Central Serbia and Resava County and visit the iconic XV century Manasija monastery. Once a center of Serbian Medieval literature, Manasija monastery was built as a fortress and a keep against the Ottoman expansion. Witness and participate in a unique Medieval performance of our knights and craftsmen as they relive the Medieval scenery.

Continue to the east and reach Bela Reka Farmland. Check-in to the rooms and have a rest before we enjoy in a true Farm to Table dinner concept, with a special accent on „Gramina“ cheese.


Today we will get up early, as our breakfast awaits us in the magnificent surroundings of Krupaja Springs. Enjoy in hefty traditional Serbian breakfast before we set our path to the East. Visit city of Bor, where we will take a break for craft beer tasting. Continue further to the very east of Serbia and visit the village of Rajacke Pimnice. Its atmosphere hasn’t changed for centuries, and its tradition of wine making dates back to the Ancient Roman times. Enjoy in fabulous wines of East Serbia, made out of authentic East Serbian grape sorts.

Our road takes us further into the land of Vlachs, a very special ethnic group. Learn about their history and mysteries that surround Vlachs as we explore the surreal surrondings of their county. Visit peculiar stone bridges of Vratna and hear the stories about mythical creatures and Vlach magic. Finish todays trip at the banks of Danube river, in town of Kladovo. Check-in at the apart-hotel and take a rest before we set to dinner at the fabulous „At the Tekian’s“ Inn for a splash of East Serbia...


Check-out from the rooms and head to XVI century Fetislam Castle, built at the very banks of Danube as a starting point of the Ottoman army in campaign against Hungary. Explore the castle and enjoy your breakfast within the ramparts. Proceed to nearby Tekija town and embark on a magnificent boat ride through the most beautiful flow of Danube river – famous Iron Gate. Explore the mighty river and see its depest, widest and narrowest flows. Witness the traces of the Ancient times as we pass besides Ancient Roman Tabula Traiana and by the colossal carving in the cliff depicting Dacian king Decebel. Disembark at the town of Donji Milanovac and visit one of the most important archeological parks in Europe – Lepenski Vir. Iron Gate was home to one of the oldest civilizations known to the world. Dating back to 9500 BCE, civilization of Lepenski Vir had fully formed settlements with infrastructure and highly developed culture.

Take a lunch break at the cliffs of the Iron Gate, at „Kapetan Misin Breg“ ethno restaurant and enjoy in East Serbian specialties completed with a magnificent view over Danube.

Follow the Danube river upstream to Golubac fortress, a bordertown between Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. Stroll along the mighty ramparts set at the very entrance to the Iron Gate before we proceed to Belgrade. We arrive in Belgrade in the evening, followed by check-in and rest. Dinner at Gastro Corner in „Kolubara u Soru“, where we will enjoy in the series of small Serbian specialties. Return to hotel for overnight.


Enjoy your breakfast before we set out on a unique City quest! Hop in Yugoslav vintage cars and hear the story about the most prominent country in 20th century. Explore the symbols of Socialist Yugoslavia as we ride in the iconic cars which marked the era of Josip Broz Tito. Explore the oldest and the largest fortress in Europe – Belgrade Fortress – and learn about the fabulous history of Serbian capital. Visit Belgrade’s oldest perfumery run by Jovanov family for generations. Admire one of the largest Christian churches dedicated to the founder of Serbian Orthodox Church, St Sava. Visit the mausoleum of lifetime Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito and find out some of the secrets of one of the most mysterious diplomats od Modern Era.

Continue towards Banat County and Ethno Complex of Tiganjica for a splash of extraordinary specialties made by local hunters. Enjoy in fantastic dishes made out of game meat before we set our course to the very center of Naive Arts...

Visit town of Kovacica, peculiar in many ways: not only that Kovacica is home to many nations and ethnic groups, but is also a town with highest population of naive artists! Some of which are recognized as the masters of arts, and they will bring to us their secrets of making those fabulous paintings! Enjoy in a workshop held at the Naive Art Gallery. Not far from the gallery lives one of the greatest violin makers in the world. Mr Jan Nemček, violin builder and professor at numerous conservatoriums, will take us through the magic of building violins. We will have the opportunity to hear magnificent sounds and harmony!

Return to Belgrade for dinner. It wouldn’t be a visit to Belgrade if we wouldn’t dine in one of Belgrade’s hallmarks – floating restaurants. „Suvenir“ restaurant awaits us, at Sava river! After dinner we will set out and explore Belgrade’s vibrant nightlife. We are positive that everyone will satisfy their tastes...


Breakfast and check-out from the hotel. For the last day in Serbia, there is nothing els but indulging the tastes. We will take you to the northern province of Vojvodina, to the only mountain in the vast Pannonian plain and a home to some of the best wines that Balkan Peninsula has to offer.

Stop at the cliff on Danube river, in the village of Surduk, and visit Milanovic winery. Enjoy in the adventure of the owners while they explain the tradition of Mt Fruska Gora vintners and their mastery of breeding the grape sorts. Of course, everything is completed with glasses of local wines such as Sila, Probus and Neoplanta – indigenous wine sorts of Mt Fruska Gora.

Continue to the second largest city of Serbia, Novi Sad, and get to know that peculiar mixture of Central European and Balkan influence not only on architecture, but also on Joie de vivre.

Visit Mt Fruska Gora and Kovacevic winery for a Wine & Food pairing lunch before we continue to the town of Sremski Karlovci – a fantastic baroque town and a center of Serbian literacy of XVIII and XIX centuries. Explore the cobbled streets and find the First Serbian Lyceum, Old Patriarchate, magnificent churches belonging to all three dieceses of Christianity.

Finally, we will reveal the secrets of the autochtonous dessert wine of Bermet; which was served at the royal courts throughout Europe. Enjoy in sweet spices of the best kept secret of Sremski Karlovci.

Transfer to Belgrade International Airport for a final departure, or to the hotel for overnight.

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